Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include Amsky Aurora 1200 Series VLF CTCP Machines and Amsky Aurora 1400 Series VLF CTCP Machines.

Amsky Aurora 1200 Series VLF CTCP Machines

Product description
Maximum size of plate: 1,470×1,180 mm 
Features: Less manpower, high stability and perfect output quality. UV plate and thermal plate are available for you to choose.
Automatic plate loading and unloading can improve your plate-making efficiency. Combined with auto-loader, processor and stacker, AMSKY Aurora 1200 series can achieve full-automatic printing.
Only one operator is needed to finish the whole output process.
Technical Specifications
Exposing MethodExternal Drum  
Imaging SystemUV64-channelUV128-channelTH64-channel
TH256-channelDiscrete 405nm laser Discrete 830nm laser
Output Speed16 plates/hour27 plates/hour25 plates/hour
 1,470×1,180mm, 2,400dpi  
Plate SizeMax. 1,470×1,180mm, Min. 300×400mm  
Plate TypeUV Plate Thermal Plate
Plate Thickness0.15mm – 0.30mm or 0.25mm – 0.40mm (Option)  
Standard: dual resolutions 2,400dpi and 1,200dpi, or 2,540dpi and 1,270dpi (Option)   
Variable high resolution option: maximum up to 10,000dpi at fast scan direction   
InterfaceUSB2.0 / USB3.0 (USB2.0 is recommended)  
Optical Fiber ( Fiber Way )   
Plate LoadingManual or automatic with autoloader  
Net Weight1,400KG  
Device Size2,355×1,910×1,217 mm.  ( L×W×H )  
PowerSingle phase: 220V, Max power (Peak value): 5.5KW  
EnvironmentOperating temperature range:15-30? Recommended temperature:21-25? Humidity:<70%  
Aurora 1400 Series
Product description
Maximum size of plate is 1,680×1,350mm
UV plate and thermal plate are available for you to lower production cost.
Furthermore, to improve the production efficiency, 64 channels, 128 channels and 256 channels laser are provided according to different printing speeds.
It can meet the demands of large books and periodicals, catalogs, yellow pages, packaging processing and plate-making center.
Technical specifications
Exposing MethodExternal Drum   
Imaging System64-channel128-channel64-channel256-channel
 Discrete 405nm laser  Discrete 830nm laser825nm laser
Output Speed14 plates/hour22 plates/hour14 plates/hour19 plates/hour
 1,630×1,325mm, 2,400 dpi
Plate SizeMax. 1,680×1,350 mm, Min. 650×550mm
Plate Thickness0.15 mm – 0.4 mm
Resolutions2,400dpi , 1,200dpi, (Option)
Standard: dual resolutions 2,400dpi and 1,200dpi, or 2,540dpi and 1,270dpi     
(Option) Variable high resolution option: maximm up to 10,000dpi at fast scan direction    
InterfaceUSB2.0 or USB3.0 ( USB2.0 is recommended )
Plate LoadingManual or automatic with autoloader
Net Weigh1,800KG   
Device Size2,400×1,760×1,100 mm( L×W×H )   
Power SupplyThree phases:380V,Max power(Peak value):5.5W  Single phase: 220V, Max power (Peak value): 4.5KW
EnvironmentOperating temperature range:15-30℃ Recommended temperature:21-25℃ Humidity:<70%