Our product range includes a wide range of Creasing Perforating Machine.

Creasing Perforating Machine

Model NumberFC-76106
CPU64-bit, DSP 32MB flash
Power supply110/220V AC +-10% at 50 to 60Hz
Maximum common cutting width346 x 516mm
Maximum contour cutting width336 x 494mm
Maximum speed600mm/s
Motor and driverDC servo
Speed range3500 rpm
Force1000 gm
Mechanical resolution0.01254 mm/s
Repeating precision0.05 mm
InterfaceUSB/SD card
Environment temperature5 to 35 deg C


  • Configured with DC servo motor and DSP controller
  • Native USB port output
  • 600mm/s maximum cutting speed for high-productivity
  • Linear guide cutting head and each part of cutting head is made of metal
  • User-friendly panel
  • Can do automatic contour cut through functional sign-making software (Say DragonCut, Signmaster)


  • DIY for packing, sign, graphics, pre-printing, die cutting, handbag industries


  • cardboard, craft paper, plastic board, fibrous cardboard, rubber sheet and marking film
  • PVC: less than 0.4mm
  • Reflective film: all types
  • Sandblast film, card paper: thickness not more than 500gsm
  • Magnetic material: thickness not more than 0.5mm
  • PET: thickness not more than 0.3mm